Thomas Luny - Unloading the Catch [1829]

Thomas Luny (Cornwall, 1759 - Teignmouth, Devon, 1837) was an English artist and painter, mostly of seascapes and other marine-based works. At the age of eleven, Luny left Cornwall to live in London. In 1807 Luny decided to move again, this time to Teignmouth in Devon. While he received a number of commissions (mostly from ex-mariners, local gentry and the like), and he seemed to be as successful in his work as he was in London, Luny was by that time suffering with arthritis in both of his hands. This, however, did not seem to have much impact on the quality of his artistic work, and it did not appear to serve to slow or deter him in his work in the slightest.

[Oil on canvas, 50.8 x 71 cm]